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Winners Wallets and Worldviews

Jun 25, 2020

Emma Johnson began when she realized there was a huge need for support and community for professional single moms. Emma has created a successful website, blog, podcast, is a best-selling author, and is featured on many media outlets as an expert on single parent topics among many other things....

Jun 19, 2020

Today, Aaron is talking with Joe Aronson of Community Church on how to connect in a divisive world. What does it look like to be a good person and what direction can we go from here while the world seems to be moving further apart? Aaron and Joe discuss these topics and more, so be sure to tune in!
This episode is...

Jun 16, 2020

In today’s episode, Aaron and his guest, Ali Shah, discuss social media in today’s society. They discuss the impact of social media, how social media shapes society and the positive and negative impacts of various platforms. Ali also addresses the personal impact of social media on a person.