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Winners Wallets and Worldviews

Mar 25, 2021

Today we hosted Orest The Old Guy.  Orest used to be a periodontal regenerative surgeon but in June 2018 he left his 33-year career as a periodontist. Now he is a 68 year old podcaster at , internet marketer, and government certified Old Guy,  in his new found home,  Las Vegas, NV with his wife. They are empty nesters with two college age children.

Orest spends a lot of time in the anti-aging space interviewing doctors and scientists on cutting edge medical therapies. He has interviewed experts on Testosterone Optimization, Erectile Dysfunction, Vaginal Deterioration/Rejuvenation, Menopause and Hot Sex. He shares that with his tribe “Helping Older Guys Create Kick Ass Lives for Themselves and Those They Love”.


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