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Winners Wallets and Worldviews

Apr 16, 2018

Aaron introduces Allison Garner, an Executive Coach, Business Coach, Public Speaker, and Engineer. She is also the owner of Align Coaching LLC. Allison speaks with Aaron on becoming your authentic self, what that means, and her personal story to finding her authentic self in business. She touches on the creative mind and how it feels to not always "fit in" to stereotypes in school, business, and the world today. Allison also touches on some of the main issues she sees that lead people to seek out coaching today. She and Aaron explore where they feel the future is leading in education (personal and professional), and what that means for individuals seeking a different type of life than what is expected of them by society.


Allison Garner:

FB: @aliwiscogarner

LinkedIn: Allison Garner


Aaron Armstrong:

FB Group: Winners, Wallets and Worldviews

IG: @aaronarmstrong33