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Winners Wallets and Worldviews

Jul 16, 2018

Many entrepreneurs are creative thinkers, tend to have ideas in chaos, and have difficulty bringing the chaos into order and reality to make their ideas come to life. Aaron discusses the role of virtues in business, and also how to bring the chaos into order using discipline in the short term to achieve your long term goals. Creating a good foundation, learning the basics, and doing the things that you aren't as excited about now, can actually help you achieve the pleasurable long term goal that you are dreaming and seeking. This is a very important concept that Aaron discusses and he wants to be sure that entrepreneurs understand the short term discipline to gain the long term goals.
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Magnifying Millenials Event (mentioned in the Podcast):
     August 15th, Oshkosh WI
     To purchase tickets click here: Eventbrite: Magnifying Millenials